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Major Metals Machining opened for business in 1986 with a commitment to becoming a dependable and knowledgeable machining solution for customers in the Oilfield Industry. Today, this goal is continually being realized and consistently inspiring customers to put their faith in the expertise, craftsmanship of the Major Metals Machining family.

Since our inception, Major Metals Machining is based on the foundation of comprehensive machining capabilities, outstanding service, impeccable Quality and integrity. When it comes to quality machining solutions, Major Metals Machining has become a dependable solution for businesses, industries, and organizations of every type and size.

Our staff is comprised of technicians with years of service in the industry, refined knowledge, and the know-how it takes to consistently deliver the highest quality machined components that your applications require. Major Metals Machining technicians produce effective and accurate results regardless of the production requirement or lot size.

We can handle all product requirements from start to finish with our network of value driven processing facilities.